Baggett Family Crest

Baggett family crest
The English surname Baggett is of patronymic origin meaning son of, or descendant of Bago. The personal name Bago is ultimately of Old Germanic origin, derived from the root verb "bag-", to fight. The name was introduced into England by the Normans following the conquest of 1066. Early examples of the surname include: Ingeram Bagot, in Documents relating to the Danelaw (Lincolnshire), circa 1170; Hereficus Bachot, in the Warwickshire Curia Rolls of 1195; and Simon Baghot, in the 1198 Staffordshire Feet of Fines. Among the recordings of the name, or a variant, in London Church Registers are those of the christening of John, son of Humphrey Baggott, on January 6th 1627, at St. James' Clerkenwell. 

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