Carrothers Family CrestThe Scottish name Carrothers is an habitational name from a place near Ecclefechan in Dumfries, pronounced locally as “kridders.” The name is first recorded in 1334 in the form Carrothres, and then more clearly in c.1350 as Caer Ruther, and derives from the British term
caer meaning “fort” and a personal name composed of elements meaning "red", and "king". British, in this case, refers to the extinct Celtic language of the ancient Britons, and the personal name in question is believed to be that of King Rydderch or Roderc of Adamnan. Early recordings include: Thomas de Carutherys, who received a charter of the whole lands of Musfald and Appiltretwayt, circa 1320; Nigel de Carrothorys, canon of Glasgow (1351); and John Carruthers, keeper of Louchmabane Castle in 1446.

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