Cody Family CrestThe Irish surname Cody, also spelled Coody, is an anglicized form of the ancient Irish sept of O'Cuidighthigh  originated in the Leinster county of Kilkenny. The Old Gaelic "O'Cuidighthigh" translates as "Descendant of the Helpful One. In 16th Century Elizabethan "Fiant litterae patentes" the name appears as "O'Codihie" and "O'Kuddyhy", and is written in modern Irish as "O'Cuidithe". By the 17th Century the surname was widespread in the ancient territory of Ormond (Urmhumhan), comprising much of County Kilkenny and north Tipperary. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Mac Cuidithe, which was dated 1214, in “Medieval Records of County Cork.”

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