Daws Family Crest

Daws Family CrestThe English surname Daws, also found in Scotland and Ireland, is of patronymic origin meaning son of , or descendant of Daw,  a medieval pet form of David. The name Daws may also be of nickname origin from the jackdaw, Middle English dawe, a bird noted for its sleek black color, raucous voice, and thievish nature, any of which characteristics could readily have given rise to a nickname. The first written reference to the name was in 1211 when Ralph Dawe is recorded in the "Curia Regis Rolls of Worcestershire." Sir William Dawes was archbishop of York in 1713, whilst Sophia Daw, also known as Dawes, 1790 - 1840, was the mistress of the Duc de Conde, and a prominent intrigeur in the court of King Charles X of France.

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