Fitzgerald Family Crest

The Irish surname Fitzgerald is of Anglo-Norman origin .There are over 13,000 bearers of the name Fitzgerald in Ireland, the name having been introduced at the time of the Anglo-Norman Invasion in 1170. The Fitzgerald’s of Ireland are all said to be descended from Maurice, son of Gerald (husband of Nesta, Princess of Wales) who accompanied Strongbow. Between the years 1329 and 1601, sixteen Fitzgeralds held the title 'Earl of Desmond'. There were twenty Earls of Kildare from 1316-1766 when they became Dukes of Leinster. One of the most illustrious being Garret Mor Fitzgerald, eighth Earl of Kildare (deceased 1513) of whom Henry VII is reputed to have said ”let this man govern all Ireland”. 

Fitzgerald family crest ring



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