Garrett Family Crest

The English surname Garrett, also found in Ireland and Scotland, is derived from either of two Germanic personal names introduced to Britain by the Normans: Gerard, composed of the elements gar, ger ‘spear’, ‘lance’ + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’; and Gerald, composed of the elements gar, ger ‘spear’, ‘lance’ + wald ‘rule’. The first recorded reference to the name is in 1230 when John Gerard, is registered in the Pipe Rolls of the county of Somerset, England. A notable bearer of the name was the 19th Century US Lawman Pat Garrett who was the Sheriff of Lincoln County New Mexico and is famous for killing the outlaw Billy the Kid in 1881.


Garrett family crest ring

                             GARRETT RAISED FAMILY CREST RING

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