Kenyon Family Cresthe English surname Kenyon is an habitational name from a place near Warrington, which is of uncertain etymology. There was formerly an ancient burial mound there and Ekwall has speculated that the name is a shortened form of a British name composed of the elements cruc ‘mound’ + a personal name cognate with Welsh Einion. When found in Ireland the name Kenyon is an anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coinín ‘son of Coinín’, a byname based on a diminutive of cano ‘wolf’, also anglicized as Cunneen. Early examples of the surname recordings include: Jordan Kenyon of Lancashire in the year 1260, and Nicholas Kynion of Cheshire in 1288. Jacobus Kenyon was a member of the famous Preston Guild, being recorded as a shoemaker in the year 1562. 

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