Maguire Family CrestThe Irish surname Maguire, also found in Scotland, is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mag Uidhir meaning “son of Odhar,” a byname meaning “sallow.” This was the name of the ruling family of Fermanagh  from the 13th–17th centuries, their stronghold was on Lough Erne where they were Barons of Enniskillen. The Mag Uidhir chiefs were among the most important in the Province of Ulster, having influential associations with the kingly O'Neills and the princely O'Connells. In 1598, the most noteworthy of their chiefs, Hugh Maguire, commanded the victorious Irish cavalry at the Battle of the Yellow Ford. Distinguished bearers of the name throughout history include: Nicholas Maguire (1460 - 1512), bishop of Leighlin; Connor Maguire, second Baron of Enniskillen (1616 – 1645.)

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