McGinley family crestIn the north of Donegal is an area containing three parishes, Tullaghobegley, Raymunterdoney and Clondahorky. This is believed to be the ancient centre of the Mac Fhionnghaile/McGinley clan. It is a large area that includes the villages of Gortahork, Dunfanaghy and Falcarragh. According to the famous and well respected Dr McGinley of Glenswilly, the story within his family is that the McGinleys had a stronghold in the Dunfanaghy area but were besieged by the English at the end of the Nine Years War (1594-1603). To the north is the spectacular Horn Head peninsula with the equally wonderful Tory Island out at sea. It is on Tory Island that one of the earliest records of McGinley is mentioned. Ciothruadh Mag Fhionnghail lived at the end of the 1400’s and early 1500’s. The noted Monk and Scribe lived here in the monastery.

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