McKenzie Family Crest
The Scottish surname McKenzie is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name  Mac Coinnich, a patronymic from the personal name Coinneach meaning “comely.” The Clan of McKenzie are traditionally associated with Kintail and lands in Ross-shire. The McKenzies were related to Clan Matheson and Clan Anrias. All three descend from the 12th century Gill'Eòin of the Aird. Based initially in Kintail, the clan was recorded at Eilean Donan on Loch Duich, a stronghold with which it was for many centuries associated. The earliest contemporary record of a Mckenzie is of Alexander Mackenzie of Kintail who is listed as a witness to a charter by John of Islay, Earl of Ross, and Lord of the Isles on November 4, 1471.
McKenzie family crest cufflinks
                               MCKENZIE FAMILY CREST CUFFLINKS
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