McShea family crest
The Irish surname McShea is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Séaghdha meaning “son of of Séaghdha,” a name meaning “fine, or fortunate.” The name is found in the county Kerry in the southwest of Ireland. A branch of the sept migrated to County Tipperary in the late 14th Century when the surname was first recorded. Some leading clan members moved to the adjoining County of Kilkenny, where the McShea's became established as the most influential of the Ten Tribes of Kilkenny. These were of Milesian blood (from Milesius, a legendary King of Spain). Robert Shee was Sovereign (chief burgess) of Kilkenny city in 1499. Captain Robert O'Shea, an officer of the Irish Brigade in France, was a devoted follower of Prince Charlie and was with him at Culloden. Today there are 800 people living in the United States with the last name McShea.

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