Mercer Family Crest
The English and Scottish surname Mercer is an occupational name for a trader, from the Old French term mercier, Late Latin mercarius. In Middle English the term was applied particularly to someone who dealt in textiles, especially the more costly and luxurious fabrics such as silks, satin, and velvet. The name was found early in Scotland, William Mercer witnessing two charters on behalf of the Abbey of Melrose in the year 1205, whilst Aleumnus Mercer, was bound over to keep the peace, as part of a bond between King Alexander 11 of Scotland, and King Henry 111 of England in the year 1244. Thomas Mercer in 1341, was empowered by Edward 111 to obtain money from the Constable of Bordeaux to raise troops in Aquitaine. Dorcas Mercer, aged 30 yrs., was one of the earliest colonists to the New World Colonies, embarking from London, England, on the "Assurance", bound for 'Virginea' in July 1635.

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