Meyrick Family Crest

Meyrick Family CrestThe Welsh surname Meyrick is of patronymic origin, meaning son of, or descendant of Meyric. The personal name Meyric derives from "Meyric, the Prince of Cardigan", and head of the North Wales tribe based upon Bodorgan, in the Isle of Anglesey. It is claimed that the Welsh origin is of Norman descent, being a form of "Maurice", and dating back to King John of England in 1199. Aa notable bearer of the name was Rowland Meyrick a 16th Century Bishop of Bangor, Wales. Born at Bodargan in the parish of Llangadwaladr, Anglesey, in 1505, he was the second son of Meyric ab Llewelyn ab Heylin, by Margaret daughter of Rowland ab Hywl, rector of Aberffraw in the same county.

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