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The English surname Miner, also spelled Miners,  is an occupational name for someone who built mines, either for the excavation of coal and other minerals, or as a technique in the medieval art of siege warfare. The word represents an agent derivative of the Middle English, and Old French term mine meaning “a mine.” Early examples of surname recordings include Adam Le Miner, in the 1212 Curia Regis Rolls of Lincoln, whilst Henry le Minr, appears in the 1234 Pipe Rolls of Derbyshire. John le Minour is recorded in the wills of the town of Hastings, Sussex, in the year 1275, whilst Richard Minnour, appears in the 1273 rolls of Somerset. Later recordings include Easter Minor, baptized at St James church, Clerkenwell, in 1600, and James Miner, who married Elizabeth Borrowes at St Georges chapel, Hanover Square, London, in 1760. The name is first recoded in the New World in 1630 when Thomas Miner is recorded in Salem, Massachusetts. Today there are approximately 20,000 bearers of the name Miner in the US.




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