Nugent Family Crest
The English and Irish surname Nugent, ultimately of Norman origin, is an habitational name from any of several places in northern France, such as Nogent-sur-Oise. The name originates from the Latin term Novientum,  an altered form of a Gaulish name meaning “ a new settlement.” Fulke de Bellesme, Lord of Nogent in Normandy was granted large estates around Winchester, England by William the Conquerer following the Norman Conquest of England in the 11th Century. His great-grandson Hugh de Nugent went to Ireland with Hugh de Lacy in the 12th Century and was granted lands in Bracklyn, county Westmeath. The family then formed themselves into an Irish clan and they have been Earls of Westmeath since 1621. The name was introduced to the New World in 1638 when Christopher Nugent settled in Virginia. Today there are approximately 16,000 bearers of the name Nugent living in the United States.
Nugent family crest pendant

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