O'Leary Family Crest
The Irish surname O’Leary, from the southern province of Munster, is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó Laoghaire meaning “descendant of Laoghaire,” a byname originally meaning “keeper of the calves,” from laogh  meaning “calf.” This was the name of a 5th-century king of Ireland. The O’Leary clan traces its lineage to Lugaid Mac Con, an ancient King of Tara and High King of Ireland, and descendant of Dáire Doimthech. In the 12th century the O'Leary's were recognized hereditary wardens of St Fachtna's monastery and seat of higher learning, the School of Ross. In the 14th Century the clan, of the Corcu Loígde, was pushed north and settled in county Cork in an area south of Macroom around Inchigeelagh on the River Lee called Uibh Laoghaire.

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