Ridley Family Crest

Ridley Family CrestThe English surname Ridley is an habitational name from any of various places in England so named, especially the one in Northumberland, which, like that in Cheshire, is derived from Old English geryd meaning “channel” and  leah meaning “ a wood, or a clearing.” Those in Essex and Kent appear in Domesday Book as Retleia and Redlege respectively, and get their names from Old English hreod ‘reed’ + leah. The name is first recorded in 1127 when  Elyas de Redleg is registered in the "Feet of Fines of Kent." The Ridleys of Unthank Hall, Northumberland, are an established border family, whose members include Bishop Nicholas Ridley (1500 - 1555), who was burned at the stake in the reign of Mary I because he refused to recant his Protestant beliefs.

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