Rowley Family Crest

Rowley Family CrestThe English surname Rowley, also found in Ireland and Scotland, is an habitational name from any of the various places, in Devon, County Durham, Staffordshire, and Yorkshire, so named from Old English ruh meaning “rough, or overgrown” and  leah meaning “wood, or clearing.” The name is first recorded in 1219 when William de Ruelay was a witness in the "Assize Court Rolls of Yorkshire." One Rowley family can trace their descent from a William de Roulowe, listed in the Rolls of the Guild of Shropshire merchants in 1252, while other early recordings of the name include: Geoffrey de Roweleye (1280, Worcestershire), and John Rowley (1348, Nottinghamshire). The marriage of Thomas Rowley and Agneta Watson was recorded in Edmondton, London, on July 23rd 1559. 

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