Seal Family Crest

Seal Family CrestThe English surname Seal is either an occupational name for a maker of seals or signet rings, from Middle English, Old French seel ‘seal,’ or an occupational name for a maker of saddles, from Old French seele ‘saddle’. The first recorded reference to the name is in 1113 when Hugh le Sele, is recorded in the "Burton Chartulary of Staffordshire." The Coat of Arms for the name Seale depicts three wolves heads on a gold shield. Additional English records of the name include  the marriage of Christopher Seals and Mary Lapworth, at St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, London, on September 24th 1654, and the christening of Robert, son of Robert Seals, in St. Peters at Arches, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, in March 1687.

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