Sewall Family CrestThe English surname Sewall is derived from the Middle English personal names
Siwal(d) and Sewal(d), or the Old English names  Sigeweald and Siweald, composed of the elements sige meaning “victory” and weald meaning “rule.” The name may also be an habitational name from Sewell in Bedfordshire, Showell in Oxfordshire, or Seawell or Sywell in Northamptonshire, all of which are named from the Old English terms  seofon meaning “seven” and  wella meaning “spring.” The name is first recorded in 1220 when William Sewald was registered in the Court of Fees, Berkshire. Mercy Seawell arrived in Virginia in 1637 and today there are approximately 1200 bearers of the name Sewall in the United States. 

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