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Threlfall Family CrestThe English surname Threlfall  is of  locational origin from an estate in the parish of Kirkham, Lancashire, so called from the Middle English terms
thrall meaning "a serf, " and fall meaning " a clearing," i.e., a place where trees had been felled; hence, "the clearing of the serfs." It is particularly well recorded in Church Registers of Kirkham from the mid 16th Century: on June 18th 1541, Ellen Threlfall and John Robinson were married in that parish, and on April 19th 1551, Elizabeth, daughter of William Threlfall, was christened there. In 1591, Edmund Threlfall, of Threfall (yeoman), was entered in the Lancashire Wills Records at Richmond, and in 1630, George Threlfall, of Goosnargh appeared in the same records.

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