Wyatt Family CrestThe English surname Wyatt is of patronymic origin, derived from the medieval personal name Wiot, Wyot, and Gyot, which derives from the Old English personal name Wigheard, composed of the elements wig meaning “war’ and heard meaning “‘hardy, brave, or strong.” Early recordings of the personal names include Wiot de Acham (1192, Lincolnshire), Gwiot (1203, Gloucestershire) and Wyot (1219, Yorkshire). The surname development since 1274 (see below) includes: Robert Wiot (1279, Bedfordshire); Thomas Guyot (1295, Essex); and Elias Wyete (1296, Sussex). Sir Thomas Wyatt (1502 - 1542), had various diplomatic posts in the service of Henry VIII, and was an accomplished poet. His great-grandson, Sir Francis Wyatt, became the first Royal Governor of Virginia in 1624. Today there are more than 51,000 people with the last name Wyatt living in The United States.


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