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Castle spotlight, Chateau de Gruyères, Switzerland

Gruyères is 810 m above sea level, 4.5 km south-south-east of the district capital Bulle. The historical town is placed on top of an isolated hill north of the alps, in the foothills of mount Molèson . It is also the location where the Saane river (French name: Sarine) leaves the Fribourg alps. Long famous for it's cheese it is also home to a  notable castle with wonderful baroque style interiors.The Castle of Gruyères located in the medieval town of Gruyères, Fribourg, is one of the most famous in Switzerland. The castle, constructed in the 13th century, was home to a long succession of Gruyères counts. The end of the 15th century stands out as the golden age in the history of...

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