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The Development of Heraldry part 4

The Heraldic Rolls of the early middle ages were not confined to England only. Early examples of Heraldic Rolls from elsewhere in  Europe include The Wijnbergen Roll ( a Flemish roll dating from about 1280), The Codex Manesse ( A  Roll from the early 1300’s), and the Zurich Wappenrolle ( mid 1300’s).The Wijnbergen Roll is the oldest known French heraldic manuscript. It was completed in 23 parts, the first, showing arms of the vassals of the Ile de France under Saint Louis, can be dated 1265-1270; the second, an armorial of the north of France, the Low Countries and Germany under Philippe III, is more difficult to date, but is a complement to the first, 1270-1285. The roll is entirely...

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