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Heraldry in Wales part 2

                                           IBBETSON-CAYGILL COAT OF ARMS Nobility existed in Wales from an ancient period well before Coats of Arms came into use. A Welshman’s status depended on his gentility of blood, in being descended from one of the ancient Prince-Chiefs, or lesser Chiefs, of one of the Welsh principalities. Heraldically the Welsh came under the jurisdiction of the English College of Arms in London, but in former days it was the practice for an English Herald when making a Visitation which took in part of Wales to appoint a Welsh deputy. Lewis Dwnn was probably the most celebrated of these and...

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Heraldry in Wales part 1

When we look at Heraldry in Wales, we see a system that is not unlike that of the highlanders of Scotland. We have, first of all, a preexisting Celtic nation, divided into tribes, but each with their chiefs and gentry, and basing their gentility on their descent from ancient noble ancestors. Impinging on this culture came the settlement of Anglo-Normans in the 11th and 12th centuries many of whom became absorbed by the native civilization. References often occur in old family histories to the Welsh Heralds, but in fact no such body ever existed. Wales was annexed to England in 1284, and from 1542 was made part of England from a legislative point of view. While the British Royal arms...

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