Albright Family Crest

Albright Family CrestThe German surname Albright is the anglicized form of the name Albrecht. The name is derived from the personal name Albrecht, German for Albert,  composed of Germanic adal meaning “noble” and  berht meaning “bright, or famous.” The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Cuonz Albrecht, which was dated 1346, in the charters of Saulgau, Wirtemberg, during the reign of Emperor Louis 1V of Bavaria, 1314 - 1347. Additional early records include Heini Albrecht of Degeloch, Stuttgart, in 1350, Christophorus Albrecht, christened at Koenigberg Stadt, Ostpreussen, on April 8th 1613, and Condula Albrecht who married Michael Bishcoff on March 3rd 1634 at Mittelfranken, Bayern. A notable bearer of the name is Madeline Albright the former US Secretary of State. 

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