Barry Family Crest

Barry Family CrestThe Irish and Welsh surname Barry, also found in England and Scotland, is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó Beargha meaning “descendant of Beargh,” a  Gaelic name meaning “plunderer.” Early examples of the surname recordings taken from surviving rolls and charters include Richard de Barri in the tax records known as the Feet of Fines of the county of Suffolk in 1195, whilst in Scotland William de Barry was a collector of contributions in Gowry sub Yleff in 1360. In Ireland Ho Barry circa 1591, is regarded as the first Irish dramatist while John Barry (1745-1803), is generally regarded as "The father of the American Navy". Sir Charles Barry (1795-1860), designed the new houses of Parliament in London in 1836.  Today there are approximately 45,000 bearers of the surname Barry living in the United States.

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