Bates Family Crest

The surname "Bates" has English origins and is a patronymic surname, meaning it was originally derived from the given name of an ancestor. In this case, "Bates" is derived from the medieval given name "Bartholomew," which itself is derived from the Aramaic name "Bar-Talmay," meaning "son of Talmay." Over time, the name "Bartholomew" underwent various changes and transformations, eventually leading to the surname "Bates." The surname "Bates" is relatively common in England and has been in use since medieval times. It can be found throughout the country, although it is more concentrated in certain regions. The name may have different regional variations or spellings, such as "Bate" or "Baits," but they all share the same origin. 95,000 people with the name Bates currently live in the United States.

Bates family crest ring

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