Beresford Family CrestThe historical home of the Beresford family was in Beresford Dale near the village of Hartington, in Derbyshire, England. The earliest confirmed document to mention the Beresford family name refers to a Hugh de Beveresford who attests a legal document in 1228. Another area rich in Beresford history is a few miles South in the village of Fenny Bentley, just North of Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Here was another Beresford home at Newton Grange. In the church of St Edmund nearby lies the uniquely shrouded tomb of Thomas and Agnes Beresford, who had sixteen sons and five daughters. The tomb records that he took part in the famous Battle of Agincourt in France, where the small army of King Henry V defeated a much larger army and slaughtered most of the nobility of France. But as the tomb was erected 100 years after his death, we believe an error may have crept in, as it is more probable that it was Thomas’s father John or another Thomas relative, who actually fought in this battle 

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