Boucher Family Crest

Boucher Family CrestThe French surname Boucher, also found in England, is an occupational name for a butcher or slaughterer, derived from the Old French term bouchier, orMiddle English term bo(u)cher, meaning “ a Butcher.” The name is first recorded in the French region of Champagne in the 13th Century. The name was brought to England by Norman settlers and early records of the name include Richard le Bucher of Essex in the year 1240, William Bochier of Sussex in 1327, Thomas le Bouker in the Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire in 1332. The name is first recorded in the New World in 1650 when an Andrew Boucher is recorded in Virginia. Today there are approximately 20,000 bearers of the name Boucher living in the US. 

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