Cameron Family Crest

Cameron family crest

Cameron Coat of Arms

 Cameron clan crest

Cameron Clan Crest

The Scottish surname Cameron is a Highland clan name The name Cameron is derived from a nickname from the Gaelic words cam meaning “‘crooked or bent” and  shròn  meaning “nose.” When found in the Lowlands of Scotland the name Cameron is also a habitational name from any of various places called Cameron, especially in Fife. The surname dates back to the early 13th Century, and early recordings include: Hugh Cambrun (1219), sheriff of Forfare, and Johannes Cambron (1233), a witness in Moray. Church Records include the christenings of John, son of John and Helen Cameron, on September 5th 1628 in Edinburgh, and Robert, son of James and Anna Cameron, on February 25th 1666 in Edinburgh. 

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