Childress Family CrestThe English surname Childress is an habitational name from some lost place named Childerhouse, located in Norfolk,  from the Old English terms cildra, genitive plural of cild meaning “child” and hus meaning “house.” The name is mainly associated with Norfolk in southern England. The first recorded spelling of the family name is in 1230 when  Hemericus de Chiderhus is registered in the "Close Rolls of Norfolk." William de Childerhous, witness, was recorded in the "Fine court Rolls of Norfolk", dated 1272, and an Alex del Childrehus in the 1273 Hundred Rolls. Guy Childerhouse was rector of Stiffkey, Norfolk, in 1413, and on July 6th 1578 Thomas Childerhowse and Elizabeth Dimond were married in Attleborough, Norfolk. On May 24th 1596, Edward Childerhouse married an Elizabeth Jonson in St. Julian's, Norwich 

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