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Clopton Family CrestThe English surname Clopton is of  habitational origin,  being derived from any of various places, for example in Essex, Suffolk, and Warwickshire, named Clopton from the  Old English words  
clopp(a)meaning “a rock or a hill” and  tun meaning “ a settlement.”  The family is named in the Domesday Book of 1086 as feudatories of the Honor of Clare and various members of the "de Clopton" family appear in church and Abbey records over the following 200 years.  Successive generations of Cloptons occupied Kentwell Hall , Long Medford Suffolk, from 1385 when Sir Thomas Clopton married Katherine Mylde, daughter of William Mylde of Clare, Suffolk, then the owner of the estate, to 1661, when the last Clopton died at Kentwell.The Clopton family remained in residence for some 300 years and transformed the manor into its current recognizable form.

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