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Conway Family CrestThe Irish, Welsh and Scottish surname Conway when found in Ireland is an anglicized form of various Gaelic names, such as Mac Conmidhe, Ó Connmhaigh, or Mac Connmhaigh meaning “descendant  of Connmhach,” a personal name derived from connmach meaning “head-smashing.” When found in Wales  the name Conway is an habitational name from Conwy formerly Conway, a fortified town on the coast of North Wales, itself named for the river on which it stands. In Scotland it is an  habitational name from Conway in the parish of Beauly, recorded c.1215 as Coneway and in 1291 as Convathe. In Ireland the Conway sept belonged to counties Clare, Limerick, &Tipperary. In 1360, the Annals of the Four Masters record the death of one Gillangnaer O' Connmhaigh. I
n the last US census in 2010 there were almost 44,000 people with the surname Conway living in The united States.


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