Corbet Family Crest

Corbet Family CrestThe English surname Corbet, also found in Ireland and Scotland, is of Anglo Norman nickname origin  meaning ‘little crow’, ‘raven’, from Anglo-Norman French, Middle English corbet, a diminutive of corb, alluding probably to someone with dark hair or a dark complexion. The surname in the county of Shropshire can be traced to the Norman baron Hugh Corbet , whose descendant Sir Richard Corbet was also granted lands in Scotland. It seems that Robert Corbet obtained the manor of Foghou from the earls of Dunbar in about 1130, and subsequently the family spread to Teviotdale and the manor of Malcarvestum. The first written reference to the name is Hugh Corbit in Shropshire in the Domesday Book in 1086. Later records include Anne Corbett who married Richard Lee at St. Michael's Cornhill, in 1599, whilst James Carbert married Ann Green at St Peters Cornhill, in 1781 

Today there are approximately 600 bearers of the surname Corbet living in The United States.

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