Cordrey Family Crest

Cordrey Family CrestThe English surname Cordrey is a nickname for a proud man, from the Old French term  cuer de roi meaning “king’s heart.” The name is first recorded in the year 1200 when Rober de Querderai is registered in the "Cartularium Abbathiae de Rievalle", Yorkshire. Additional early records include Thomas le Cordrey, in the 1275 Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire, and John de la Corderie, in the "Calendarium Genealogicum", dated 1292. Recordings from London Church Registers include: Anne Cordrye, who married William Wytlye on February 1577, at St. Michael's, Cornhill; Sarah Cordary, who married Benjamin Barnes on October 8th 1681, at St. Matthew's, Friday Street; and Sarah Cordery, who was christened on June 2nd 1768, at St. Andrew's, Holborn. 

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