Courtney family crestThe English surname Courtney is an habitational name from Courtenay near Sens in Normandy in northern France. The name may also be a nickname for someone with a snub nose, from Old French c(o)urt ‘short’ + nes ‘nose’ (Latin nasus). In some cases, bearers of the surname may be of Irish descent, since Courtney is also an anglicized form of the Gaelic O'Curnain, meaning descendant of Curnan. Recordings of the name from London Church Registers include: the christening of Thomas Courtney at All Hallows, London Wall, on November 11th 1569, and the marriage of William Courtney and Mary Lucas on March 22nd 1590, at St. Dunstan's, Stepney. John Courtney and his wife, Sybill, were early emigrants to America, leaving London on the "Paule" in July 1635, bound for Virginia. Today there are approximately 27,000 bearers of the name Courtney living in the US. 

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