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The English surname Covington, also found in Scotland, is an habitational name from a place in Huntingdonshire (now Cambridgeshire) named Covington,. The origin of the placename lies in the  Old English personal name Cofa and tun  meaning “ a settlement.” When found in Scotland it is an habitational name from Covinton in Lanarkshire, first recorded in the late 12th century in the Latin form Villa Colbani, and twenty years later as Colbaynistun. By 1422 it had been collapsed to Cowantoun, and at the end of the 15th century it first appears in the form Covingtoun. The name was first recorded in 1565 when Annes Coveington was christened at St. Paul's, Bedford. In the 2010 US census there were almost 26,000 people with the surname Covington living in The united States.

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