Delgado Family Crest


Delgado family crestThe Spanish and Portuguese surname Delgado is of nickname origin. The name derives from the name for a thin person, from the Spanish, and Portuguese name delgado meaning “slender.” Records of the name date to the 16th Century and include Rodriguez Delgadillo at Nuestra Senora la Antigua, Valladollid, Spain, on January 5th 1569, Juan Delgado and his wife Maria del Salto, at Alhendin, Granada, Spain, on January 15th 1603, whilst Catherine Delgada married Gonzalo Defreitas at Sao Sebastiao, Funchal, Madeira, on November 21st 1621. Today there are just over 100,000 people with the last name Delgado living in The United States.                                                                                                                                                                                                   






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