Dempsey family crestThe Irish surname Dempsey is the anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Díomasaigh meaning “‘descendant of Díomasach”, a byname meaning “proud, or haughty,” from the Gaelic word díomas  meaning  “pride.” The Irish clan of Dempsey  was once one of the most powerful in the country, possessing great estates in the area known as Clanmalier, now the modern counties of Laois and Offaly. James 1st of England and V1 of Scotland granted Terence O'Dempsey the title of Viscount Clanmalier, for the support of the clan during the many rebellions of the 16th and 17th century. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Dermot O'Dempsey, which was dated 1193, It is said that he was the founder of Monasterevan Abbey, county Kildare.

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