Doran Family CrestThe Irish surname Doran is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó Deoradháin meaning “descendant of Deoradhán,” a name representing a diminutive of deoradh meaning “pilgrim, stranger, or exile.” The Doran’s were known as "the great Brehan family of Leinster". The word "brehan" refers to the Gaelic legal system in force before the Norman Invasion on which the family was expert. The Dorans were also noted antiquarians and they kept possession of three manuscript copies of the "Tripartite Life of St. Patrick" for generations. In 1540, they held territory in Waterford, and Doransland in that county locates them. Branches of the sept settled in Ulster in Counties Armagh and Down. Today there are approximately 16,000 bearers of the name Doran in the United States. 

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