Fitch Family Crest

Fitch family crestThe English surname Fitch is an occupational name for a work-man who used an "iron pointed implement". It derives from the Old French "fiche" meaning "an iron point", which itself comes from "ficher" "to fix" or "to plant"; hence, fitch is "an iron pointed implement." The first recorded of the  name is shown to be that of William Fytch, which was dated circa 1150, in the "Hearth Tax Rolls, the Guild Hall", London. Ralph Fitch (1588 - 1606) was one of the first Englishmen who made the overland route to India. Joseph Fitch, an emigrant to the New World Colonies, sailed aboard the "Defence" bound for New England in July 1635. Today there are 19,000 bearers of the name Fitch in the US. 

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