Fraser of Lovat Clan Crest

Fraser of Lovat Clan Crest

Fraser Clan Crest

Fraser family crestThe Scottish surname Fraser is ultimately of Norman French origin although it’s exact origin is uncertain. The earliest recorded forms of this family name, dating from the mid-12th century, are de Fresel, de Friselle, and de Freseliere. The modern Gaelic form is Friseal, sometimes Anglicized as Frizzell.The name Fraser is first found in Tweedale , Peebleshire Scotland where Sir Simon Frasee held parts of the lands of Keith.There is a record of Simon Fraser at the church of Keith in 1160.  A notable bearer of the name Fraser is Alexander Fraser, the Canadian frontier politician from the early 19th Century. Today there is an approximate number of 25,000 people with the last name Fraser living in The United States.

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