Gibbens Family Crest

Gibbens Family CrestThe Irish surname Gibbens, also found in England, Wales and Scotland is of patronymic origin from the common medieval personal name Gib, a short form of Gilbert. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Henry Gibsone, which was dated 1311, in the "Records of Nottinghamshire." In Ireland the name is most frequently found in the western province of Connaught, particularly in counties Mayo and Galway. Records from London Church Registers include the marriage of Agnes Gibbons and William Chanler on February 13th 1562, at Harrow on the Hill, and the marriage of Ann Gibbs and Thomas Fleetwood, April 1629, at Cranford. Edward Gibbs arrived in New England in 1629, today there are 2,000 bearers of the name Gibbens living in the US. 

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