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The English surname Goodman, also found in Scotland and Ireland, is a status name from the Middle English term  gode meaning "good" and  man meaning "man," in part from use as a term for the master of a household. In Scotland the term denoted a landowner who held his land not directly from the crown but from a feudal vassal of the king. The first written reference to the name is in 1115 when Asteelinus Godeman is registered in the "Book of Winton", Hampshire. the marriage of Thomas Goodman to Parnell Dewey took place on May 28th 1561 at St James Clerkenwell, London. . The name is first recorded in the NewWorld in the 17th Century where immigration records chart the arrival in Virginia of one Robert Goodman in 1619. Today there are approximately 70,000 bearers of the name Goodman in the United States.

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