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 Gordon Family Crest


Gordon Clan Crest


The Gordon's originally came to the islands from Normandy (France). The Anglo-Norman family that became known as the Clan (or House) of Gordon settled in the Borders area in the 12th Century, but moved to Aberdeenshire in the 14th Century when Sir Adam, Lord of Gordon, was granted lands by Robert the Bruce. Sir Adam of Gordon was granted Strathbogie, confiscated from the Earl of Atholl by Robert the Bruce, in return for service to Bruce's cause. Sir Adam of Gordon served as one of the ambassadors to Rome who fought to have the Bruce's excommunication removed. The Gordon's wielded enormous power during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Gordon castle was considered the most magnificent edifice in the north of Scotland. Today there are more than 155,000 people with the family name Gordon living in The United States.

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