Grisham Family CrestThe English surname Grisham, also spelt Gresham,  is an  habitational name from a place in Norfolk, so named from the  Old English term  græs, meaning “grass(land), or pasture” and  ham meaning ‘a homestead” or hamm meaning “an enclosure hemmed in by water.” The first written reference to the name was in 1199 when William de Greshim is recorded in "Pleas before the King or his Justices", Norfolk. Thomas Gresham, witness, was noted in the 1446 Assize Court Rolls of Lancashire, and on June 9th 1555, Maria, daughter of Willmi Gresham, was christened at Thorpe Market, Norfolk. Sir Richard Gresham, sheriff of London and Middlesex, 1531, became lord mayor of London in 1537, and Sir John Gresham, lord mayor of London, 1547, was the founder of Holt Grammar School, Norfolk.

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