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Hayden family crestThe Irish surname Hayden, also found in England, is a reduced form of O’Hayden, an anglicized form of the Gaelic names Ó hÉideáin and Ó hÉidín meaning “descendant of Éideán” or “descendant of Éidín,” personal names from éideadh meaing ‘clothes, or armor.” There was also a Norman family bearing the English name, living in County Wexford. When of English origin the name is an habitational name from any of various places called Hayden or Haydon. The three examples of Haydon in Northumberland are named from Old English heg meaning “hay” anddenu meaning “valley.” The first record of the name in the New World is in 1630 when John Hayden settled in Virginia. Today there are approximately 36,000 bearers of the name in the United States.

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