Howlett family crestThe English and Irish surname Howlett, found chiefly in East Anglia, is derived from the Middle English personal name Huwelet, a variant of the first name Hugh. The surname was also established in Ireland in the 17th Century. The first written reference to the name is in 1248 when Agnes Hughelot is recorded in the "Records of Bec Abbey", Norfolk. A notable bearer of the name was Samuel Burt Howlett (1794 - 1874), who was a military surveyor and inventor; he published a treatise on perspective in 1828, and invented a method of construction for large drawing-boards, and an anemometer. Today more than 5000 people with the last name Howlett live in The United States. Today there are more than 5,100 people with the last name Howlett living in The United States.

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