Hutton Family Crest

Hutton Family CrestThe English and Scottish surname Hutton is of  habitational origin deriving from the name of any of the numerous places so called from Old English hoh ‘ridge’, ‘spur’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’. The name is first recorded in England in 1086. An interesting name bearer was John Hutton (died 1712), a physician who attended Princess Mary, daughter of James II, while in Holland, and William III ( William of Orange ), as first King's physician in Ireland. He had received his M.D. at Oxford in 1695, and he was first physician to Queen Anne. He was M.P. of Dumfries, from 1710 - 1712, and also a local benefactor.

In the 2010 US census there were almost 18,000 people with the surname Hutton living in The United States.

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